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May 10, 2017

Kenneth Gregory Allen, guitarist, lead vocalist, front man, songwriter and co-founder of the internationally acclaimed platinum group of the 80s and 90s, The Band AKA, born to Ruby W.Allen and Jordan Allen,Sr. on October 1, 1950,passed away on Tuesday, May 9, 2017 of undisclosed causes. Known to his friends as "Kenny", he along with Michael Fitzhugh (lead vocalist/frontman), Booker Medlock (keyboardist/vocalist),Phillip Scott (bassist), Jack Holmes (trumpeter/vocalist), Zack Hood (saxophonist/vocalist), Robin Holt (guitarist), D'Arco Smith (drummer), non-performing co-founder David Dyer (drummer/engineer),and non-performing founder Jaeson James Jarrett (composer, songwriter, keyboardist, arranger) toured Europe and Asia on PPL Records/Epic/CBS Records/MCA Distributing Corporation. Prior to co-founding the Band AKA,  Kenny performed with other bands, and prior to that he was drafted as a pitcher by a  major league baseball team where he injured his shoulder to the extent that he could no longer play.

After departing from The Band AKA in the mid-80s, Kenny returned to higher education by attending National University where he earned a bachelor of science degree in criminal justice. He then joined the Los Angeles Unified School District, where his students adored him. He also formed his own bands, Big Daddy and the Blazers, and  Jack Johnson and the Body Blasters.In addition, he performed in the choir at his church, Faithful Central.

He was one of the best R&B rhythm guitarists of all times.

Kenny is survived by his wife, Debbie Allen, and their son Aaron Allen,along with daughter Jannelle Allen from a prior relationship, and daughter Kelly Samantha Allen by a prior marriage.His surviving relatives include siblings Reverend Jordan Allen, Bernay Allen, Renee Allen, Kevin Allen, and Keith Allen, as well as numerous grandchildren, nieces, and nephews. Kenny will surely be missed by many.

With permission of Kenny's family, bassist Phil Scott,along with several remaining original band members,is interested in reuniting the band for a one-time mini-concert performance of some of Kenny's songs at a memorial service to be held on Kenny's birthday, October 1,2017. Band members  contact Phillip Scott at  (323) 512-1924.

For further information and/or to submit testimonials for Kenny's memorial, please contact Kevin Allen, Kenny's younger brother at (562) 544-0553.

(Photo forthcoming)

April 24, 2017

Passion Juice #17  T-shirts will go on sale June 1, 2017. You can pre-order your shirt through this website. They will also be sold in conjunction with the CD  Passion Juice #17.

April 22, 2017

Upperhouse Productions, Burbank, CA, USA

Adonis Hampton, CEO/producer of Upperhouse Productions (R&B) is bringing his company to MIDEM, 2017. We are asking all our friends and associates to extend the courtesy of meeting with him there. He can be reached at upperhouse1@earthlink.net or  by phone at (818) 919-3119.

For the second consecutive year, PPL is cancelling its annual trip to MIDEM in Cannes,France,June 6-9,2017 (www.midem.com) due to repeated terrorist attacks there and expected lower attendance.All those who submitted material to PPL for placement in the world will have their material returned along with a full refund within seven days from today.We apologize for any inconvenience or missed opportunity this may cause; however, we are looking forward to a more stable situation.

February 23, 2017

Go to youtube.com and access: The Band AKA "We the People". Leave a comment, good or bad,and you'll automatically be entered into a contest

to win $100 each month until July 15,2017. Further information is forthcoming.

February 17, 2017

We are now accepting musical submissions to represent at MIDEM 2017,June 6-9 in Cannes, France. Please note that we only accept submissions from published writers, meaning that their work has been exploited.They must be a member of one of the performing rights societies (ASCAP,BMI,SESAC).All submissions that do not meet these minimum requirements will be returned.  Please contact us at pplzmi@aol.com,  (310) 860-7499,  (818) 506-8533, or (818) 905-7984.

February 15, 2017

The company would like to thank the hundreds of  customers who purchased Passion Juice #17 Valentine's Day gift baskets, making it another successful year.

November  13, 2016

The recent US national election has left some people happy and some people unhappy; however, it's our system, and we all must live with the results. People must also do their part to  help us grow and get better as a nation, regardless of who is elected. The song "We the People" was written and recorded by Jaeson James Jarrett  for the internationally acclaimed group "The Band AKA"during President's Reagan's reign. The tune was never released. Now with the uproar over the  election, the little ditty is ready to be exposed.We are giving away free copies to the first thousand people requesting it. You must put in a call to Christopher Kiyoshi at (310) 738-1933,Mark Stringer at (310) 308-0779. the PPL office (310) 860-7499, or

email pplzmi@aol.com. The song "We the People" will be uploaded soon on YouTube and other media outlets. 

If there is anyone who wants to be involved in a non-political "people" video, send us a picture of yourself, a public place such as Dodger Stadium,Madison Square Garden,or any place of interest where people gather or live.

July 26,2016

PPL-ZMI Music Publishing Group has just concluded negotiations with BMG Rights Management's Minder Music  that will, after thirty-three years, return and restore full control of copyrights for the UK and the whole of Europe back to PPL-ZMI. While small in number, these titles comprise the  cornerstone of the entire PPL-ZMI Music Publishing Group. This will enable the company to navigate more on a worldwide playing field. No further details will be available. 

March 21,2016

Mr. William Jenkins III,  Certified Public Accountant and Board of Directors member, has passed. Bill, who had worked with the company since 1979, was the consummate professional  who held to the highest standards of his profession. He was also a dear friend. (Pictured on "About Us" page,back row,far right.) His daughter, Samara, will continue his legacy. (Pictured on "About Us" page,front row, fourth from left) A memorial service is pending. For further information, contact Suzette Cuseo at our offices (310) 860-7499.

February 23, 2016


MARK STRINGER (310) 308-0779, KIYOSHI BOGLE (310) 738-1933, RUDY CHAMPA (949) 230-4265, or BRANDON JARRETT (901) 412-8288.


January 26,2016


Passion Juice #17 St. Valentine's  Day Indoor-Outdoor Picnic Basket Kit.  Skip work. Have a picnic, weather permitting. If not, have it indoors in bed.

The basket contains two bottles of Passion Juice #17 Champagne, one Brut, one Rose; 1 Chianti Red Wine Artisan Salami Sausage (8 oz); 1 Natural Turkey Summer Sausage (8 oz); 1 8 oz package cheddar cheese; 1 8 oz package Monterey Jack cheese; 1 jar Kosher dill spears (24 oz);  1 lb Sees milk chocolate assortment; 2 fresh bananas;1 lb fresh red globe grapes; 1 lb fresh red strawberries; 2  fresh Washington Red Delicious apples; 2 bottles mineral water

(16 oz each);1 package plain water crackers (4 oz); 1 package multigrain and flaxseed water crackers (4 oz); 1 package  Ritz crackers (16 oz); 1 jar Dijon mustard (8 oz);  plates,napkins,utensils,and champagne glasses included; 2 Passion Juice

# 17 compact discs; one dozen red roses, and Sony boombox under separate cover.

(a $350 value)

Cool-packed and next-day shipping via Federal Express.Shipment will be received on Valentine's Day morning at the address on file.

This is our goofy way of saying, "Happy Valentine's Day."


DECEMBER 1, 2015 Passion Juice is back- Pinot Grigio, Merlot, Red and White Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon,Chablis, Brut Champagne, Brut Rose Champagne,and Blanc de Blanc Champagne.

OCTOBER 17, 2015

A SPECIAL THANKS to all of you from all around the world who participated in the relaunching of PPL's  Passion Juice spirits label and who contributed recipes associated with the line. Shipping of your  complimentary Passion Juice product will begin in early November, just in time for the holidays. Enjoy.

AUGUST 25,2015

Due to overwhelming demand, Arthur King's King's Row 12" vinyl single "Rock'n Roller Skates" is being reissued in Europe and Asia. It will be released on vinyl as well as CD single and downloads.
Christopher Kiyoshi Bogle has joined the company as Promotions-Street Team as well as special assistant to the Chairman/CEO. Mark Stringer has rejoined the organization as Promotions Coordinator and Distribution Analyst.Brandon James Patrick Jarrett has joined as Promotions-Street Team. Michael J. Hochberg is appointed consultant to the Malibu Trading Company. Mike is also the managing director of Peye Mike Private Investigators as well as Peye Mike Intellectual Properties Protection. Darren Willis is appointed independent producer and A&R consultant.Patrick Bouvier Jarrett is rejoining the company as consultant to Bouvier Records USA. Rudy Champa is appointed Executive Vice-President,Marketing-Special Markets. Rudy is also  the owner of his own firm, Strategic Partners International (spi-us.com) and serves  on the board  of

PPL-ZMI Entertainment Group Limited.

Due to overwhelming response to our request for recipes,we can

no longer accept any more submissions.The names of all those who have contributed have been entered into a drawing for prizes such as memorabilia, T-shirts, caps, key chains,Passion Juice spirits,food gift cards,and a trip for two to the 2016 American Music Awards,Grammy Awards, and MTV Awards. Thank you very much for your kind participation.The drawing will be held at Little Toni's Italian Restaurant in North Hollywood, California, date and time to be announced.