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PPL-ZMI ENTERTAINMENT GROUP LIMITED, which includes record and publishing companies, public relations, artist management, television, CD/DVD manufacturing facility, and audio/visual studios, was created as Platinum Plus Limited in 1975 in Los Angeles, California by Jaeson James E.  Jarrett and was incorporated as PPL Records in 1979.In that year, along with Jarrett President/CEO, the co-founders were Executive Vice-President/Production, J.David Dyer;Vice-President/ Administration,Remedeas Kelly; Vice-President/Finance,G. Lamar Powell, and another brilliant vice-president with extensive marketing skills. Ricardo Starks, who headed up the first promotion department and also coined the phrase "people-pleasing listenings (PPL)", was assisted by Denise Gauthier,who subsequently became President/COO of PPL Music Publishing. Eddie Jones, assisted by Ray Moore, headed up A&R. Sanra Albanese served as an administrative assistant.

The company's product was distributed by MCA Distributing in North America and licensed internationally via CBS/EPIC Records, now Sony Music.The late legendary singer/songwriter/producer Garry Glenn was the first artist signed to the label. He wrote hits for The Gap Band and the Isley Brothers. He later co-wrote the monster hit "Rapture" recorded by Anita Baker. Garry Glenn's signing was followed by the late extraordinary multi-talented Michael Cruz, who could do it all as a film scorer, singer, songwriter, producer, orchestrator and arranger. Together with Mark Winkler, Michael co-wrote possibly one of the best ballads ever recorded, "The Heart Never Forgets." The song is now being considered for inclusion in a major film at a major studio with major stars attached, which is now in pre-production.The most successful group for the company is The Band AKA, originally led by our founder and  Kenneth G. Allen, a multi-talented guitarist/singer/songwriter.

The flagship artist  cumulatively has shipped and sold millions of units in sales worldwide. There are over 2000 sound recordings in all musical genres in the catalog form, with newly completed album projects by five artists. The company has created and developed three music-based game shows and two music-based sitcoms, one of which has been syndicated.


There is also an extensive sound library. In addition, there are two state-of-the-art sound recording studios, with in-house music production of commercial ads, jingles, television and film scoring, as well as record projects.In addition,there is an audience-rated sound stage. PPL is now a small boutique corporation with a unique innovative management structure in which each decentralized operation has its own COO, who is a also partner in that operation,where young, educated business individuals with entrepreneurial spirits, as well as new talent, are always welcomed.The firm has affiliates in the United Kingdom, continental Europe and Asia.  

The present management team is headed up by Mark Stringer.


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